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Top Fashion Photographer NINA LUBARDA is internationally recognized for her high-profile work in fashion, beauty, advertising & editorial photography. FUTURE FACES NYC concentrates on top campaigns bookings for a carefully selected, premium talent.


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Parents should induce their kids into performing different types of physical and mental activities that will help them to have a positive frame of mind. Most casting directors and everybody sho select our FUTURE FACES NYC at requested go sees select models who are cute, smart, charming, talented, expressive and can aslo do variety of different styles and natural looking fashionable poses for fashion catalogues or print campaigns.

This can happen only if parents participate in the various activities of their children. It is like nurturing a child into becomeing perfect kids for modeling just like your nurture a plant and see it grow into a huge tree.


There are a few different types of castings - go sees. The best type is a REQUEST CASTING.

FUTURE FACES NYC only sends their amazing children to REQUESTED CASTINGS.

This means that the decision-makers at a company, such as Benetton, Armani, Gap.., have seen your child's photos on our FUTURE FACES NYC website or FUTURE FACES NYC submitted your child's photos to the decision-makers directly and they are interested to see your child in person.

REQUEST CASTING usaually mean the client knows the specific look they want, for example a 6 year blond boy with blue eyes and invites only blond boys  6 years old whose photos they like the most.

These request casting calls Future Faces NYC provides for its children models are  are well organized with minimal waiting.

FUTURE FACES NYC does not send kids models to OPEN CASTINGS.

Open castings are usually very crowded, since many different agencies can send all of their clients who fit the call, for example babies to 12 years old kids. The numbers of kids at opened castings can be few hundreds.


Please do not bring the whole family to the requested casting. We advice only one parent to attend the requested casting call.

Do not hover over your child as the photographer is working with him or her. The casting director wants to see that your child is able to separate from you.

You should arrange the best sleeping time for your child before the casting. Your child shoudl be happy and relaxed. He or she should not be tired at the casting. Please do not wake him or her up just minutes before the casting.

Do not bring  strollers as they take up too much room.

Please follow the advice about how to dress your child sent to you from FUTURE FACES NYC for every specific requested casting.


If your child does not book the job, do not get discouraged!

Keep in mind the casting director may have wanted a certain look or certain expressions.

It is imperative that older children understand that if they are not chosen, it does not mean they are not good enough or pretty enough. Make sure your child is emotionally able to handle rejection because that is part of the job.


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Olivia Howard
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Nina Lubarda is so AMAZING to work with! She sends her models out to requested go sees and works very hard to get their images out to the right casting agents and directors. 

She is an exceptional photographer and captures unique qualities to showcase each models personality and individual style in the images she takes. 

Working with FutureFaces NYC has been a amazing adventure, I can not wait to see what the future holds as the possiblities are endless with Nina on your side!!! I would recommend her and FutureFaces NYC to anyone interested in getting into modeling/acting!

Thank you for always believing in your talent and giving them the individual support and guidance they need to be successful in this industry Nina!!!

~ Olivia H.:)

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Nina Lubarda is amazing!!!  She is very dedicated and very knowledgeable.  She took the most amazing pictures of my daughter.  We feel very lucky to be working with her!

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Laura B
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I was really happy that I met Nina Lubarda. She is very professional and taught me alot about the industry. She took the most amazing pictures of my son Roman. I am very excited to be working with Nina Lubarda as our agent, thank you for believing in Roman!

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What is beauty? In the past, it was Barby type babies or Commercial babies that were in demand -- the 'central casting' variety -- blond hair, blue eyed. The market has opened up plenty in the past years. Today we are looking for every flavor Benetton Babies, Asian kids, Afro American kids with huge Afro. We are looking for interesting babies and kids - but mostly adorable kids with great personality.

 But beside amazing look the same important is that evasive "it" factor

We want babies that have an alertness and energy coming from the eyes. We want children who animate and have joy -- an inner brightness. But It's Not Just Looks That NINA LUBARDA KIDS FUTURE FACES NYC is Looking For All the Casting Directors we spoke with are concerned about separation anxiety. "I take the babies away from the parents immediately," said one casting director, "If I sense the parent or child is intimidated by this, I know right away that it isn't going to work out." Finally, looks and energy are fine for print -- a catalog shot or a billboard -- which are just a single moment in time. For film or commercials, they need even more. They're often looking for some specific sort of action or skill that is required in the script. "If I'm casting for a Little Swimmers commercial and the child needs to walk through the sand," said Linda Valentine from Baby Casting and Wrangling, "I'll have a sand box set up in the audition studio to see how the child does before I take them to the set" 

How Competitive Is KIDS Modeling?

NINA LUBARDA KIDS FUTURE FACES NYC New York gets a lot of submittions a day! Out of those, one or perhaps two will end up getting our request for a meeting. Plus, even if NINA LUBARDA KIDS FUTURE FACES NYC likes you, we might send you out on 6 or 8 casting calls before you find any work. The casting calls are where casting directors ask NINA LUBARDA KIDS FUTURE FACES NYC to bring in specific types of children or babies. Some are requested, few are chosen.

Final Sobering Advice For Wanna-Be Parents Can you handle disappointment?

Every parent thinks their kid is beautiful and that's the way a parent ought to feel. But that doesn't make it true. That's the harsh reality. "Parents need to know, they're not doing us a favor for bringing their kids in," said one prominent New York casting director who requested to remain anonymous, "There is a lot of disappointment involved; a lot of time, energy and commitment required to get it." So the advice is: If you can't handle rejection -- don't bother bringing your baby to Nina Lubarda KIDS. Maybe you have lots of spare time and want to take this up as a hobby.

Well, it's not a hobby for anyone else on the commercial set. They expect you to be professional, on time, constantly available, yet relaxed when they reject you or change the casting call at the last moment. And don't take it out on your child, if that's what happens. If you still think it's for you, make sure it's for your baby too. Make sure your baby enjoys the time you spend together in the waiting rooms and on the set. That's the only way it will work out. Beyond that, go out to all requested go sees. Have a cell phone. Be responsible. Show up on time. Don't bring excuses on why you're late.

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Child modelling can be extremely rewarding for both the child and the parent. There is also great satisfaction in seeing your child on TV, in a magazine, catalogue or on a new pack of pampers, which can often outweigh any amount of money earned. Modelling can be extremely exciting and great fun. Modelling introduces you and your baby to a whole new world of design, fashion, glamour and potential success.

As a model you get to meet and work with so many different and interesting people, from professional photographers, to large corporate companies, even celebrities are just a few of the different kinds of people we deal with in the modelling industry. Modelling is a career and should be approached professionally.

Are people always saying "what a beautiful baby you have"? We are constantly looking for new faces to represent our clients. If you think your baby has what it takes to become a model, then why get a professional opinion. It only takes 2 minutes to complete our online registration at click on BECOME A MODEL and upload two digital photographs to REGISTRATION FORM.

Q. How does Nina Lubarda KIDS Future Faces NYC work?

A. Applications are made every day on our site and we decide which children are to become registered models. Once we receive your application, we will respond within few days. If successful, your baby will have their own personal portfolio for clients to see.

Q. Do you accept everyone who applies?

A. Appearing on the 1st page of many major search engines, we receive many applications every week. We accept very limited amount of these applications, based upon location, age and look. We only take on babies and toddlers who we believe have the highest possible chance of finding work.

Q. Does it matter where I live?

A. We have clients all over the country. The majority of work is primarily in Manhattan, with our main locations being New York City.

Q. Once my child is registered, are they guaranteed work?

A. No agency can absolutely guarantee you work; if they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client's decision as to the child that is chosen. What we do guarantee is that we only take babies, children and teenagers onto our books who we feel that we can successfully place in jobs.

Q. What happens once my child is registered with the NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC agency?

A. Your child will be put forward for all suitable opportunities, based on briefs sent to us by our clients. Q. How can I help my baby get work? A. In order to maintain your baby's chances of getting a work assignment; it is really important to keep your photos on the website, up to date.

Q. How will I know when a client is interested in my baby?

A. Our agency NINA LUBARDA MODEL MANAGEMENT FUTURE FACES NYC will contact you by telephone and email to provide you with the details of your booking. Please note, that the agency will contact you only when we have a definite booking for you. The agency is simply too busy to contact models if a client has only expressed an interest in the model or if the agency is in the negotiation stage of the booking. professional photographs or your own.

Q. Can you tell me how many jobs I can expect to receive?

A. This is an impossible question to answer as each model's work rate is reliant on many different factors. Some models "hit it off" quicker than others and seem to secure every job for which they are auditioned. Others take a little longer to warm up and yet once they do there is sometimes no stopping them. A great deal depends on which look and what age group the client requires for the job. But always remember some of our biggest "stars" are just normal kids having fun and enjoying themselves.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. It depends on the level of advertising campaign or commercial you child will book. The budget for each job will be emailed to you along with the booking confirmation.

Q. Who will take the photographs for my folio?

A. Most of our kids models start out by using professional photos to get as many as possible requested go sees. Once you get bookings for jobs you can use the resulting images. If you would like professional shots, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Q. When do auditions and jobs take place?

A. The majority of work takes place Monday to Friday, and it is important that you keep us up to date with your unavailability dates throughout the year. Occasionally clients will hold Auditions or Shoots on the weekend so keep that in mind when giving us your unavailability dates. School age children will be seen for Auditions between 4 and 6pm in order not to conflict with school. However, shoots can take place any time during the day. Pre-school children will generally be seen earlier on in the day as clients want to see your child at their best. Regardless of age all auditions tend to be very short notice, you will usually be contacted the day before any job so you need to be as flexible as possible.


A. NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC offer a professional, committed service and have great experience in children modelling. Unlike other agencies, we specialise primarily in kids modelling. We are constantly working with clients to assist them for their advertising needs. We represent most adorable children are we are one of the most selective kids model agency.

Q. Once my baby is registered. Are we guaranteed work?

A. No agency can absolutely guarantee you work; if they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client's decision as to the child that is chosen. What we do guarantee is that we only take babies, children and teenagers onto our books who we feel that we can successfully place in jobs.

Q. Is there a joining fee?

A. NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC do not charge representation fees or joining fees.

Q. What do I do now?

A. To apply, complete the online registration form and submit 2 suitable colour photographs. We will then assess the application you will receive a response within few days.

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Olivia Howard
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Nina Lubarda Model Management Future Faces NYC is the BEST agency for babies, kids, tweens and teens!  Nina is very supportive and works hard to promote each and every model she represents.  She has great connections in the industry and is also an extremely talented photographer.  I am SO thankful to have found Nina and FutureFaces NYC!!!

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Catalina! :)

Warmest Regards, Olivia Howard

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When Casting directors have a project they send request to our agency for example for 5 to 7 years old blond girls.

Nina Lubarda Kids Fututre Faces NYC then submit photos of all 5 to 7 years old girls represented by the agency. Based on photos submited Casting Directors decide which from all submited blong girsl they will request to be seen.

This is the reason that great photos will help your child to be requested as many times as possible and will have the best chance to book jobs. Sometimes Nina Lubarda Kids are booked directly without a go see based on child's photos. You can see ASK JUNIOR, J. CREW, ELLE KIDS, GERBER, OSH KOSH, J. CREW and many more print campaigns for which Nina Lubarda Kids got a direct booking.

It is not requested - required to have professional photos - model's portfolio done to be represented by Nina Lubarda Kids but it is recommended to have professional photos or professional headshots for your child's representation.


Model portfolio is a collection of a model's best model photographs which are used to get modelling assignments with top modelling clients.

Model portfolio is an important part of child's model look and will reflect that in his/her model photographs. 

The model portfolio has a number of important functions including:

Giving the client a chance to see just how your child looks in a variety of situations.

It demonstrates your child ability as a model and shows a client that your child is photogenic. A model portfolio (also called "model book") should have photos placed in sheet protectors so images will be easier for a client to see and use.

Only the best  photos are used for professional portfolio. The weakest picture will bring down the impact of a great portfolio. If a picture is weak, leave it out. It will only cast a bad appearance in an otherwise beautiful presentation. A proper model portfolio case is absolutely essential.  Clients don't want to shuffle through loose photos of all different sizes.  It just doesn't give that professional edge you are seeking. Make sure all your child's pictures are in perfect condition.  If pictures have been bent or damaged, leave them out. Use a real model portfolio case to hold your pictures and not a standard photo album.  Again you want to give the client a look of professionalism and if the client just finished looking at a professional model portfolio, you don't want to come in the door with a family photo album. It just hurts your chances of being selected for the job.  Most models use a portfolio that is designed for 8.5 x11" photos.  It is probably the best size overall and makes one of the best presentations for the money spent.  Not only that, but a magazine tearsheet is the same basic size.  You will want to include fashion magazine tearsheets in your child's model portfolio when you will have them to give a professional edge!      


A composite card (sometimes called a ZED) is a model’s business card. The comp card is one of your greatest tools in getting work. Basically, it’s a card, around 5” x 8” in size, printed on both sides. The front side of the card is usually the models’ headshot along with the model’s name and agency logo. The backside of the comp card usually has multiple shots of the model, usually four in number. The actual size and design of the card isn’t always standardized, but the Modeling Agency will sometimes want all their comp cards to be similar to convey the “look” of the agency.

The front side “head shot” is by far the most important of the five images. It’s the biggest in size and should definitely show the model in his or her best light. This is the image that will be seen first. There is no other way to make a first impression.

Just keep in mind that when a client is shopping for a model, they are usually sitting at their desk leafing through a pile of these cards. Yours should stand out and be informative.  


The basic headshot is a head and shoulders portrait (sometimes looser) of your child that represents him/her in the best way, that potential clients use to determine if he/she is  appropriate for their particular project. The headshot needs to be flattering and informative. Your child needs to look good in the photo. 

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Child's Permit to Work

Instructions on Working Permits for Children



NINA LUBARDA MODEL MANAGEMENT  has suggestions so you and your child can have a rewarding and stress-free time during auditions.

The following are suggestions to help make our relationship as rewarding, professional and trouble-free as possible:

1. It is imperative that we have a talent application filled out for each client. We need yours or your child's social security card on file, along with two contact numbers (home, work & cell) and home address. Be sure to inform us if any of your numbers or address have been changed.

2. You have to have access to an e-mail address. We will e-mail you information about your child's audition.

3. It is your responsibility to update your child's work permit every 12 months. Mail your renewal 3 weeks before the expiration to avoid any problems. Always bring your original work permit to every job.

4. You must open a blocked trust account for your child. You can do this at your bank. All instructions are on my website under Child's Permit to Work.

5. Most times you will need to bring a composite card to your child’s audition. Always keep them handy just in case you are asked for one by the casting director.

6. Always let us know when you are unavailable so we can "book you out." We will not schedule any jobs or auditions on those days. If you have confirmed a job or audition and do not show up without calling we will no longer send you out. We must remain in good terms with our business associates and our clients reflect our professionalism. Canceling a booking is always an emergency. Once you have accepted a job you should be available it should be an absolute emergency if you cancel. It is extremely hard for the casting director to find a last minute replacement and they will never hire you or your child again.

7. Always be 10-15 minutes early for your auditions. 

8. Keep a record of what your child wore on an audition - you will need to wear the same outfit for the call back.

9. Always sign in with your child's name, agency name and agency number; or we may advise you to sign in with any different information. Never sign in with your home number. Casting Directors will only contact agents and managers.

10. Kids should wear solid colors; no white or black and no prominent logos to auditions.

11. Younger children can get very restless while they wait for their name to be called for the audition. We suggest you bring a favorite book that you can read to your child, or maybe a fun card game you can play with your child. The experience must always be fun for your child. Your child must never feel stressed or competitive. They should just give it their best shot, have fun and move on.

12. Parents should always be supportive and never compare their child to other children there. Never make your child feel like they need to get the job or any sort of disappoint from you if they don't get the job. A child should never feel like it's a job. The child should want to do it because they enjoy being in front of camera's or being on TV. Never have your child audition for the wrong reasons. Like fame or money.

13. We'd love any feedback from you after the audition is over. Feel free to call us or e-mail us with any information.

14. Please do not call to ask if your child received a call back or got the job. We promise to call you as soon as we get any confirmation.

15. Very important: Never call a casting director with questions. If you have a question call us. Casting directors will not take the call kindly and they may refuse to see you again. Management will be contacted by casting director f their client contacts them and the call will not be pleasant, so please be sure never to call a casting director.

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Child Modeling with Nina Lubarda Kids Future Faces NYC

Children are one of natures beautiful gifts, however, when it comes to modeling with professional kids model  agency Nina Lubarda Kids Future faces NYC it is not just important that your child is beautiful or unique but your child model must be well behaved and have good manners.

Child models represented by Nina Lubarda Kids have to be easy to direct and at ease with strangers, such as the photographer or a client. Although it is many parents dream to see their child in a magazine or on an advertisement poster, it is also very important for Nina Lubarda Model Management that parents are very supportive and dedicated.

Parents have to be reliable and prompt. Parents should have a pleasant personality and remember that no one likes a pushy or bolshy parent.

If you have commitments that will prevent you from undertaking assignments with your child at short notice then you have to be realistic and not sign your child with an agency. Agency has a lot of work with representing your child and you should be able to take your child to requested go sees.

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Olivia Howard
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Nina Lubarda is an excellent and very dedicated manager to each one of her models! I thank her so very much for all the dedication and efforts she has put forth and am so excited to see my daughter, Catalina achieve her dreams in becoming an actress and model!

** Thanks so much Nina and keep up the AMAZING work!!!

Warmest Regards, Olivia Howard

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Getting A Call-Back

A callback is basically a second modeling audition for the same modeling job. Your child does not have the job yet but is is great success also to have a call-back. After reviewing all the models, the casting director called back to pick your child to be part of this smaller list. After the call-back, we will either hear or not hear anything, your child can get book for the job or get put on ‘hold’.

Being Put on Hold

Being put on hold means your child has been selected for the modeling job,  the commecial or the film. However it may be canceled, postponed or the casting director chose to have one or more models or actors  in option than needed for the modeling job. By agreeing to be put on hold, you agree to hold that time slot open for that modeling or acting job.

Booking a Modeling or Acting Job

If your child is ‘booked’ for the modeling job or the film, he-she was hired, and simply you need to show up at the photo shoot on time. If you accepted the requested go see your child should do the modeling job or the film, you agree to participate in the photo shoot or filming. 

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Olivia Howard
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Nina is such a talented manager and photographer!! If any model wants to be represented by the BEST - it's Nina Lubarda!!! :) If you are already being represented and would like the most gorgeous photo's taken of your child model, call Nina!! You can find her contact info @ She is happy to set up a shoot for your child model and will meet with you to discuss possible representation if you are interested. Nina and FutureFaces NYC is an extremely selective agency so few are selected to be represented. She does not believe in having solely representing 'cookie cutter models' but rather seeks out unique beauty in every child she represents to include various nationalities and backgrounds. ** I strongly recommend Nina Lubarda Model Management & FutureFaces NYC!!! ~ Olivia Howard** Check out the AMAZING images Nina took of my daughter, Catalina under her portfoilio @

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Laura B
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Nina Lubarda is doing a great job managing my son Roman, we just started working with her last month and have already been on three go-sees and was booked with Carters recently. I am thrilled with the success so fast with Nina Lubarda Model Management - Future Faces NYC. I look forward to continuing to work with Nina Lubarda!

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Olivia Howard
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Catalina is SO excited about booking UMI ZOOMI!!! Her little brother LOVES the show and she can't wait for him to see her on television What a GREAT suprise that will be!! She had SO much fun with Andrew and Lamar in the film, 'Mother Earth'!! Catalina LOVES learning monologues and has lots of experience since she has been given leading roles in several plays at her school. Thank you SO much Nina for all the support you give to ALL your models at FutureFaces NYC!! We very much appreciate your efforts and know that you truly do care for them all!

Warmest Regards, Olivia

** Check out Catalina's project updates @

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Laura B
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Nina Lubarda Model Management/Future Faces NYC has been our agent since Jan 2012. In the last few months, see has sent our son Roman on many requested go-see's some included Carters, Gerber, Chicco, Chase Bank, Little Me, NUK, Gant, etc. He booked Chicco, Carters and Little Me! I was thrilled with the quick success. Thank you Nina for the great headshots and for the exposure you are giving Roman. It is clear Nina has the right connections in this business to get the job done!

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Realize that no matter how special your child is, if you are a pain, your agency will NOT work hard for you. You have to make them want to get your child work. Agency put a lot of energy into developing models they hope will make money one day. That’s a risk they don’t have to take if you are more trouble than other models and model moms.

Listen. Take notes. Support. Be flexible with your time. Models work like any other profession. They may have to come out of school for some things, or cancel a sleepover here and there. understand that nutrition and body standards are part of the industry. If your child is being asked to work on his/her appearance, be supportive and help them do it in the healthy way.

Be reliable. Help your agent by doing things in a timely manner- getting photoshoots and marketing materials scheduled and printed, returning phone calls, and showing up on time and ready to castings and other events.

Be excited for your child! Getting an agent and modeling should be fun!


Don’t be too opinionated (and remember the DO of default to expertise). Don’t try to tell your agency which pictures to use or your photographer which outfits to choose.

Talk incessantly about how special your child is. Hover at castings and photoshoots. Heaven forbid! maybe they can even go to those by themselves. You may not realize it, but the presence of parents often inhibits kids and teens.

Insist on things being on your timeline. Other people in the industry have timelines too. DO let them do their job.

It’s very cute when your kid is on a runway or doing a photoshoot, but DON’T stand like a tourist taking pictures, chat up professionals at the job, or bring everyone you know plus grandma to every event they participate in. Answer questions for your child – EVER Don’t ask for free entrance into live events they are participating in.

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Nina Lubarda Future Faces NYC has treated us so well!  Whenever we run out of comp cards or need any additional assitance, our needs are taken care of right away.  My sons are doing amazing and I'm so excited for their future with the agency!

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NINA LUBARDA KIDS - FUYTURE FACES NYC at VOGUE Bambini Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week NY Oct. 21, 2012 SWAROVSKI

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FUTURE FACES NYC made a name for itself by challenging the status quo and developing the power of a fashionable children model’s image. This lead to the creation of an elite board with an outstanding kids models. FUTURE FACES NYC currently represents many of the most recognized and children faces. 


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